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3 Reasons to have a Professional Telephone on holds Message

Telephone voice message

If you are considering whether or not to hire a professional voice talent to create messages for your telephone on holds system. Here are 3 reasons why you should:

1. Promote yourselves. Make the most of the time you have your customers on the line. You can do this by promoting your products, services, website...or anything you like!

2. Save your staff time. If your receptionist is constantly repeating the company address, directions, phone/fax number, business opening hours. Then have a recorded message with all the information, for the caller to be put through to.

3. Maintain a professional image for your company, even out of hours. Whether during business hours or notm your company will always have a friendly voice at the end of the line. Hire a professional voice over artist from as little as £30, and improve the way your business sounds. Email me for more information.


Beyonce visits Wuzzleburg

Wow Wow WubbzyI have finished recording Widget in the second series of Wow Wow Wubbzy, but was in for a nice surprise when we discovered who one of the guest stars were! My character, Widget (pictured here, she is the pink character!) and Beyonces' character, Shine, meet in Wuzzleburg, but unfortunately they were recorded in different continents and so I never got to meet the mega star for real. But watch out for the very exciting second series of Wow Wow Wubbzy on Nick Jr soon! 

Spring Newsletter 09

This newsletter not only gives me an opportunity to boast about some of my favourite work of late (well I am an actress…who works alone, what do you expect?), BUT this quarter I've included a money off offer for you…Hooray!

If you know anyone else who might be interested in receiving this quarterly treat via email
let me know and I shall ask them.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my newsletter and I hope we can work together real soon.


To view, download or print the PDF version of this newsletter click here - SPRING NEWSLETTER 09

on Milkshake
Hear me on
Franklin this weekend! 
Franklin is currently showing on Milkshake, Channel 5 here in the UK. I play Franklin's cute little sister, Harriet and some of his friends including Racoon, Badger and various other guest characters. You can catch Franklin at 7.15am every Saturday morning…or, do as I do, and record it!  'Franklin' is a lovable turtle who goes on all kinds of adventures with his friends. It really is a charming cartoon. We recorded the voices at Little Entertainment Post in Gloucester.

Monarch Lady

"Hello and Welcome on Board this Monarch Airlines flight"
If you ever fly with
Monarch Airlines then listen out for my voice. My agent, The Voiceover Gallery, have found me this new high-flying* job.  The boarding video for Monarch Airlines was narrated by yours truly! I recorded the voice over last week (23rd April) and so am not sure when it will actually be used on-board, but the client was really happy, some might say it was a soaring* success! (*Sorry, couldn't resist)

Voicey Award Finalist

And the winner is… 
…not me! But
I was one of 5 finalists for a Voicey Award, and was pipped to the post by fellow VO Wuzhi Lu.  The awards are organised by the team at and are run on an annual basis. The catagory I was a finalist for was "Best Foreign Voice" - British comes under the "Foreign" catagory because is based in Canada. is an online marketplace of over 55,000 voice over professionals and clients world-wide. I was absolutely delighted to be a finalist and along with Wuzhi and myself the other voice talents that made the final 5 for the award are; Claire Dodin, Janpa Serino, and Roald Woods .

Let me tell you a story

Audio-books are everywhere
Some wonderful short stories have been coming through for me to voice this year. A couple of recent ones include "Holiday Butterflies" by Linda Bond for Shortbread Stories and "Henry and the Midnight Dentist" by Tony Carter for Brooks Audio Production. Listen to my audio-book demo here.

25% off your next job!

Save some money during these credit-crunching times

I'm giving you, my lovely loyal clients, an opportunity to get 25% off one job I do for you at any point throughout the month of May. All you need to do is mention this newsletter offer and you'll receive one quarter chopped off my usual rates. And in my super quick radio voice I have to tell you "Terms and Conditions Apply"**

Listen for yourselves

Want my voice CD?
My voice has been described as warm, feminine, young, clear, characterful and more, but you can make your own mind up. To listen to my demos click
here, or just email me your address and I can post you my Voice CD.

"We at Relay Station have been working with Julie-Ann for a number of years. She provides a first class service for the voice work she does for us and she has never let us down. Her ability to turn around work under pressure is second to none. We are extremely impressed with her professionalism and look forward to continuing our close working relationship in the future" Piers Wightman, Relay Station Ltd

**Terms and conditions: Offer only valid throughout May 2009. One redemption per company. The maximum discount given will be £50, therefore this offer only applies to the first £200 of any job.



Finalist for a voiceover award!

 I am one of 5 finalists for a Voicey Award! The awards are organised by the team at and are run on an annual basis. The catagory I am a finalist for is "Best Foreign Voice" - British comes under the "Foreign" catagory because is based in Canada. is an online marketplace of over 55,000 voice over professionals and clients world-wide. I'm absolutely delighted to be a finalist, and even more honoured to be up alongside four other fantastic voice talents; Claire Dodin, Janpa Serino, Wuzhi Lu and Roald Woods .

The results will be announced on Friday 20th March 2009, listen out for them on the
VoxTalk podcast.

Oh and Happy St Patricks to all, if I win I shall certainly be celebrating Irish style!


Newsletter Jan 09

I try to send out a newsletter approximately once a quarter to my clients. Below is my latest one, hot off the press today!

January '09

Wow Wow Wubbzy
Nickelodeon Jr's popular cartoon is back with a 2nd series!  I first mentioned this in the Dec 07 newsletter but
production was delayed. Now we are due to start recording in Feb/March this year! I will be re assuming my role as the West Country tom boy Widget in the British version of Wow Wow Wubbzy. Find out more about the show on the Nick Jr website.

Game on!  

My agent, The Voiceover Gallery, sourced a great little job for me. Nintendo Wii and DS are bringing out a "fast food" game and they needed some British voices.  I played 17 year old waitress Megu and some other sundry characters. Watch this space for further details on the release date.


Book Fair Podcast

German client earpaper® hired me again in October to record some more podcasts, but this time for the Frankfurt Book Fair! You can hear the 5 podcasts here. They contain interviews with some fascinating people including Mikhail Gorbachev and comic artist Bill Morrison (father of the Simpsons). I recorded the podcast each day of the festival and had to be ready in my studio to have to turn around the voice over for the podcasts within the hour.

Little linguists
Star Players is an engaging six-level series for children learning English in primary schools. I recently recorded various characters for them at the Little Entertainment Group in Gloucester. The characters I voiced were mums, narrators, teachers and journalists - hardly any children's voices for a change, maybe I'm growing up!

Radio ga ga

Well the ISDN line I had installed in May last year has been in great demand. The area of work that has increased the most is radio commercials. The lead up to Christmas was my busiest period in this area a couple of my favourites were a Christmas Fairy and Santa's Little Elf. Commercials I have done include: Pepsi, Opel, Disney Channel, Andover College, Godalming College, Carpets Select, Network Ticketing and lots more. If you are looking for a voice for your radio ad and want to arrange an ISDN session, get in touch.

Lets link up

My website is getting more and more established and appearing higher in search rankings. If you would like your company to appear on my website's links page, lets do a link exchange! Just drop me an email and let me know your website name, the link to it and a blurb if you like and I'll email you back with my details. Its easy peasy.

"We used Julie Ann for one of the main characters in an audio book. She was brilliant and really breathed life into the part. It was also incredibly easy to record her via her ISDN studio. I will certainly be using her on our next project."
Sylmerrillion Voices -


Little linguists

I'm always impressed when people can speak more than one language, its like a secret code that I can't join in with. Unfortunately I didn't take any of the exams I could have in French or German at school and instead opted for the much more fun Ceramics (I think learning a language is obligatory now though). Of course NOW I am taking evening classes in French and so I can communicate better with my french clients.

Luckily I am making use of the language I do speak to help children learn English. Last week I finished recording various characters for a series of CD's called Star Players. The characters I voiced were mum's, narrators, teachers, journalists and a few others. Star Players is an engaging six-level series for children learning English in primary schools.  Hopefully they'll have more sense than I did and not be distracted by pottery!


Virgin Blogger

This is my first blog.

I am a British voice over artist (based in UK) with an ISDN   recording studio, and 15 years experience. You can find out more about me on my 'about me' page of my website if you like.

Although I am primarily a voice talent I occasionally do some 'in-vision' work too and last year did some presenting for Comet. The latest of these videos is up on their site and here is a link to one of them. The last shot of this is very amusing - I did it as a joke and they kept it in!

As I haven't given this a lot of thought yet it is probably worth me taking some time to consider the sort of thing I will put on this blog hence forth. But for now I'll copy and paste my last newsletter and so you have something to read....

Bye for now and pop back soon.


September '08 NEWSLETTER

Childs play
I have been talking like a child again. MacMillan Publishers hired me to voice lots of boys and girls characters for an educational CD. Coincidentally MacMillan in the US then hired me to produce an educational CD. I played children from 1 to 10 yrs old, both girls and boys, and a few grown ups. I also subcontracted my favourite male voiceover artist Andy Turvey   to do the mens voices (well I can't do ALL the voices!)

Representing Julie
One of the top UK voiceover agents has taken me on. I signed a contract with The Voiceover Gallery in June. They've landed me some of the jobs mentioned in this newsletter already and are a hard working and friendly bunch that I'm proud to be associated with. Visit The Voiceover Gallery   to find out who else is on their books.

Not the face!
Yes I'm afraid I have briefly stepped from behind the mic to in front of the camera; Comet have launched a new facility on their website enabling customers to find out more about their products in the form of short demonstration videos. I have recorded 8 videos with them so far and it looks like an ongoing contract, so visit Comet to see and hear me tell you all about low water consumption dishwashers and the like!

Sprechen Sie Englisch?
Following on from LCP educational CD ROM created by Progressive Educational Tools (PET), PET have hired me again to voice a series of podcasts to promote language learning. Progressive Educational Tools are a training and digital delivery organisation primarily focused on the wider education sector. They create digital applications to a world-wide audience whilst also providing training and qualifications in a variety of subject areas to schools, colleges, and other organisations across the UK. Find out more about this Coventry based team at

Going Green   is a fun and friendly virtual world where children can play games, have fun and learn about the environment. Children are encouraged to make small changes to their everyday life to take care of their planet The site isn't due to launch until 1st November 2008 and so check it out then! I play 8 of the fabulous characters (pictured above) including sweet old Grandma Emmy the Musk Ox and tomboy Francene the tree frog. I teamed up again with Andy Turvey who plays the lovable lead character; Olar the Polar bear!

Does your business sound
My on-holds work load has been increasing of late especially for companies across the pond. But if you think your business, or a business you know, could do with a telephone voicemail revamp, get in touch. Visit my website to hear samples   . I'll be able to whip over MP3/WAV's of your messages quicker than you can say "Please hold the line".

"Julie has done a very professional job bringing our characters to life. Everything delivered on time and correct. We wouldn't hesitate to place further work with her."
Claire Guest, Ecomiki4kids


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